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Pet crematorium Brno

Our company provides cremation services for your pets. Every cremation is individual, your pet will be cremated alone in our cremator at the arranged time. The pet ashes are processed in the same way as how it is approached by humans. Our technology is taken over from a human cremation. We offer you not only the cremation itself, but also the last farewell with your pet, photos, watching the cremation process on-line, collection of your beloved pet, cool box resting and a scattering garden. You can choose from a wide range of urns.

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Innovation And Background

In 2020 an essential reconstruction of our crematorium was done where the main building was extended and another IEB 26 cremation furnace was installed. Our crematorium has more than 250m² of usable space and 800m² large property with a well-kept garden, a scattering garden and even a gazebo for outdoor sitting. Working side by side with designers and architects we designed all the equipment to fit our company needs including an unique LED bier for your last farewell. Pet crematorium Brno is still the leader in used technologies and the design and belongs to the most modern European crematoriums of its kind.




About us

The purpose of the project, which was established in 2003, is not some "profligacy", but a combination of emotion and rational thinking. With our pets we spend a lot of time, we consider them as family members and logically we do not want to end our pet’s life journey in a rendering plant. Likewise, we do not want to dig a grave in the garden or in the nearby forest, which has its health risks, legislative pitfalls and not to mention ethical issues. Those who thought in 2003 that we were crazy, soon became our customers. Our ambition is not to persuade pet owners to order the service they do not need because they have to. Only people who want to give their animal friend a dignified exit come to us.


Our KPZ 80 cremation furnace was the first one of its kind in the Czech Republic. There was nobody else offering this type of service. Our inspiration was taken from human cremation and then hundreds of meetings and proposals followed about how to construct such a furnace. In 2020 we bought another cremation furnace, the IEB 26. As a comparison to cheap, industrial Vulkan furnaces, the real cremation furnace has a range of differences, such as a high burning effect incinarator and a very complicated ventilation system, an automated Vacuum control, Oxygen measurement in Gas and other mechanisms. Our cremation furnaces meet the emission standards in all circumstances due to quite complicated solution.A range of compromises could have been made during the furnace building in order to reduce the costs of construction but it was not our case. We did not save money on our furnaces and therefore they are the top of their kind in the whole Europe.


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