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We are a company providing cremation services for your pets. Each cremation is individual and only one pet at a time is in our cremation furnace. The ash is processed in the same manner as with humans, our technology is the same as in the human crematorium. We do not only offer cremation but also memorial service, photos, webcast, own ferry service, refrigeration service and a dispersive meadow. You will find dozens of urns to choose from.

About us

The purpose of the project, which was established in 2003, is not some "profligacy", but a combination of emotion and rational thinking. With our pets we spend a lot of time, we consider them as family members and logically we do not want to end our pet’s life journey in a rendering plant. Likewise, we do not want to dig a grave in the garden or in the nearby forest, which has its health risks, legislative pitfalls and not to mention ethical issues. Those who thought in 2003 that we were crazy, soon became our customers. Our ambition is not to persuade pet owners to order the service they do not need because they have to. Only people who want to give their animal friend a dignified exit come to us.


Our furnace is the first of its kind in the Czech Republic, no one before us offered this service. So we sought inspiration in human crematoria, followed by hundreds of hours of meetings and a number of proposals how to construct such a furnace. Unlike industrial furnaces, has an actual cremation furnace series of differences, for example, a full-fledged "afterburner" chamber and a very complex ventilation system. Thanks to a relatively complicated solution meets our furnance emissions standards under all circumstances. During the construction of the furnace we could have turned to a number of compromises, which would considerably reduce the costs of construction. Fortunately, this did not happen. Our cremation furnace cost a lot of money however it is one of the best among its kind in Europe.


Unfortunately, here we have nothing to show.

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