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Pamětní sklo krematorium zvířat

Unique remembrance of your pet

Domestic animals are part of families nowadays. They are loyal mates that live with their masters right in flats frequently and share with them day-to-day joys as well as sorrows. It is sad when they depart this life and many people seek for an opportunity how to part with four-legged mates in a dignified way. This is partly why our animal crematorium came into existence. And we did not stay with it only. We offer to our clients other services, too. In addition to various urns and pendants, we have included also commemorative, high-quality crystal glass with ashes of your pet into our offer recently.

Handicraft done with heart, your pet deserves it

Our glassworkers seal manually a small amount of ashes to a crystal heart, a drop, a small ball or a tear. It is a manual, time-consuming work, in the result of which the remembrance and emotions are joined. We identify each product by means of a code carefully and enclose also a certificate of ashes’ authenticity to prevent its substitution as a matter of course. Just this conscientiousness and confidence are essential pillars of our customer relationship and thus of a long-term existence of our animal crematorium.

Pamětní sklo - srdce

Crystal heart


ID 1

The shape of heart was, is and will be a symbol of love. There is no other shape that would serve better for retaining ashes of your four-legged sweetheart.

Cena 2.290

Crystal drop


ID 2

Even our pet is a small drop in a big sea. It is one small creature in a big world. However, our small world lends him uniqueness as well as greatness. The strength of nature and the strength of our love can be seen in the image of drop of water.

Price 2.090 Kč

Pamětní sklo - srdce
Pamětní sklo - kulicka

Crystal ball


ID 3

A circle – a perfect symbol of unity and regularity, each point on the surface lies in the same distance from the centre. The combination of round crystal and ashes of our dearest expresses the true union and harmony.

Price 2.090 Kč

Crystal tear


ID 4

We shed tears of happiness as well as of sorrow, we weep for laughter as well as for pain. Nothing expresses our emotions better than tear. That is why a tear makes a beautiful jewel that is a remembrance of those, whom we loved in life, with whom we laughed and felt blue.

Price 2.090 Kč

Pamětní sklo - srdce
Pamětní sklo - kulicka

Crystal heart on neck


ID 5

This heart is more than a jewellery. This keeps the most emotional, that left after your love. Guard it and carry on your memories...

Price 1.790 Kč

Crystal obelisk


ID 8

Light is symbol of the life and energy. Our crystal makes the unique light efect to shine brightly memories in your heart and reminds the last way is not the end.

Price 2.690 Kč

Pamětní sklo - srdce

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